Activities, Performances & Food Trucks, Oh My!

Show Us What You've Got!

 Compete in the all-girl Olympic agility course, test your engineering skills to create bridges, get your hands dirty with urban farming, see girl-led dance performances about historical female role models, or discover your inner scientist with hands-on experiments and dissections. 

The truly inspired can take the stage as Madam President, or work together to save the world in team mission challenges!

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Skills to Build & Grow


 Dig in the dirt and plant a few succulents to take home. You’ll learn how to nurture and care for these resilient plants. 

Flower Crowns & Selfie Station

Come on out to the farm where you can pick flowers and create beautiful flower crowns. Make sure you bring a camera or a phone to snap photos of your flower creations in the selfie station!

Explore the Farm

 Explore our new farm facilities. Walk through the garden, climb the lookout tower, peek into the greenhouse, and enjoy some quality time in nature. 

Bee Smart

 Come and "bee" educated with a fun activity and learn how these special pollinators keep our farm growing strong. 

1:00 pm - FarmBot Demo

Check out the Hutchison FarmBot and see how this amazing robot is changing the lanscape of agriculture and farming!


Train Like an Athlete

Olympic Agility Course

 You'll feel like an Olympic athlete on this course featuring lacrosse, soccer, hurdles, ladders, football, and more!

Basketball Fun

 Come let our basketball coach and team show you some new moves on the court. 

Dance & Cheer

Brush up on your dance moves in this upbeat dance and cheer clinic.

Scale a Rock Wall

Learn the basics of rock climbing. 

The Science of Happiness

Want to know how to live a healthy and happy life? Come learn about the basic things you need to thrive!

Living Wellness

Learn about good nutrition and fun ways to exercise in this fun, interactive session. 


Rock Robotics & Science Like a Star

Electric Butterflies

 Create a beautiful butterfly and then make it “fly” through the power of static electricity. 

Dissect a Worm

 Ever wanted to see inside the wiggly dirt dwellers? Come open one up and explore exactly what they are made of!

Spheros are A-MAZE-ing

 Program and drive a robotic sphero (ball) through an obstacle course. 

Mechanical Balloon Car

 Air can power our world. Come make a car that is powered by your own hot air!

RoboBees Demo

Hutchison's Robotics Team, Robobees, will talk about robotics competitions and demonstrate their VEX robots. 


Heard of coding but don't really know much about it?  Try out coding today and check out the possibilities! 

Home Scientist

 Science is everywhere, even in your own home.  Stop by to explore static electricity, density, and simple reactions!

Flower Power - Dissect Seeds

 How does a seed become a flower?  Come discover the seed as you've never seen it before. 

Flower Power - Dissect Flowers

 Flowers are so much more than their pretty petals and lovely scent.  Dissect a flower and learn more about this important structure.


Optimize Your Leadership Potential

MISSION: Strong Girl Initiative

  Compete in mission-themed challenges as teams to save the world! True leadership lies in the ability to share ideas, listen to others, and work together to reach the best solution. See if you and your fellow strong girls can succeed this challenge! This activity will hone your communication skills and improve your teamwork.   

Madam President

Practice public speaking behind a real podium with a real microphone! This is a perfect photo opportunity to capture our younger Strong Girls using their voices to command an audience.

Spark Cafe Mart: Order Up!

 Welcome to your new job at Spark Cafe Mart, a cafe where customers do all their shopping while they eat! Learn how to treat your customers well, exchange money at the end of the sale, and then practice your new skills in this role-playing game.   

Spark Cafe Mart: The Savvy Customer

 Welcome to the Spark Cafe Mart, a new kind of cafe where you do all your shopping while you eat ! In this role-playing game, girls will practice spending their money wisely by ordering food and supplies they need while staying within their budget.  

Shelby County Election Commission Voting Booth

 Strong girls unite and vote! Taking part in the voting process is such an important part of democracy. Stop by our real voting booth to register to vote. Then make your voice heard by casting a vote. Open to girls of all ages.  

The Secret Code of Body Language

  Every good business deal starts with a strong handshake and confident introduction. Learn how to make a great first impression and present an elevator pitch to future customers.  

Don't Miss Our Special Guest Author Cary Broussard


Rewrite Your Fairy Tale with Story Boarding

 Hutchison Alumna Cary Broussard, Author of From Cinderella to CEO, will help you to rewrite your own fairy tale ending through story boarding.

Learn to Podcast and Tell Your Story

Hutchison Alumna Cary Broussard, Author of From Cinderella to CEO, will help you to tell your story through podcasting.


Nurture Art & Beauty

Dance Workshops

Join us in the ballet studio for clinics in musical theatre, tap, modern and ballet dance forms. Meet professional dancers from Project:Motion Dance Collective and Collage Dance Collective.

Visual Art Demonstrations

Enjoy watching art being created by young women throughout campus. Explore unique art making techniques. Learn how pottery is created during the Pottery Wheel Demonstration. 

Visual Art Workshops

 Girls will get to apply their creativity and create works of art to bring home. Wire Sculpture making and Watercolor activities give our youngest artists opportunity to nurture their creative ideas. 

Drum Circles

Show your love of music while participating in a community drum circle. 

WREG-TV Anchor for a Day

Join young women filmmakers in the Film Studio and learn how to use a green screen and digital film cameras. 

Musical Instrument ‘Petting Zoo’

 Come to our Orchestra Studio and try your hand making music on a violin, cello or bass. Ever want to strum an electric guitar or sit behind a drum kit? Come join the fun! 


Generate Ideas Through Innovation

Towers Challenge

 Do you like to build with nature? Come by to see if you can build the tallest rock tower by applying your knowledge of balance and weight. 

Bridges Challenge

 Design with nature and apply your scientific skills to build bridges with unique and fun rocks. Test your bridge to see how many pumpkins it can hold. 

Strong Girls Rock!

 Motivate and encourage the girls in your community by designing a rock with a strong girl message.  After you enjoy the rock for a while, leave it for someone else to appreciate. 

Challenge Your Creative Mind

What’s in your bag? Take a look at objects in a different way, brainstorm and see what you can create and take home. There will be a developing marble run, challenge bags and Post-It Note community created art.  

Pegboard Storytelling

 Girls will have a bin of colorful strips of cloth and a large board with nails and string.  The team will be asked to create a story about a random character and then use the cloth to create a piece of artwork on the board that represents their story. 

Floating & Sinking

 Girls will have to use provided materials to create watercraft that either float or sink in various challenges. 

The Key Challenge

 Use provided materials to build a device that will allow the team to retrieve keys that are hanging behind structural obstacles. 


Energy Zone

 Burn some energy in our Energy Zone. With bouncy houses, corn hole toss, face painting, balloon animals, soccer activities, and hula hoops, there is something fun for every age!  


Girls Rock! Courtyard Stage

  • World Drumming
  • Hutchison Orchestra Ensemble
  • Young Actors Guild
  • Memphis Jazz Workshop
  • Sara Williams
  • Delta Girls Rock

Super Girls! Abston Stage

  • Super Actors: Excerpts from Hutchison's middle school production of Stuart Little
  • Super Songwriters: Sara Williams
  • Super Singers: Young Actors Guild
  • Super Authors: Jordan Greene
  • Super Speakers: Tennessee Shakespeare Company

Theater Mainstage

  • Community Yoga & Warm Up on the Stage
  • Company d
  • Hutchison Dance Company
  • Ballet Folklórico Herencia Hispana
  • Selections from Sidekicks, Hutchison's fall musical
  • Luigi Method of Jazz Dance

2:00 PM - Stay after Strong GIRL Fest and watch Hutchison's full middle school production of Stuart Little!

Food Trucks