Show Us What You've Got!

 Test your engineering skills, get down and dirty with urban farming, or  participate in girl-led dance and theatre performances about historical  female role models. The truly inspired can run for office at Camp  Congress, an all-day workshop for girls in grades 5th through 8th. 

Click on a letter, or scroll down, to see what we have in store for Strong GIRLS!  

Girl Scouts! Download your Badge Requirements Check-Off Sheet and map

S - Skills to Build and Grow

Fishing Rodeo

Visit the Hutchison lake to learn how to bait a hook and catch fish in a fun morning of catch-and-release fishing.

Flower Crowns and Selfie Station

Come on out to the farm where you can pick flowers and create beautiful flower crowns. Make sure you bring a camera or a phone to snap photos of your flower creations in the selfie station!

Build Your Own Terrarium

Dig in the dirt, plant a few succulents, and then take home a terrarium! You’ll learn how to nurture and care for these resilient plants.

Bee Smart

Come and Bee educated with a fun activity and learn how pollinators keep our farm growing strong.

T - Training Like an Athlete

Sports Clinics

Be a Hutchison athlete for the day and come have a practice session with our team coaches! Choose from soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, or come practice all 4 sports!

Fun and Games

Looking for some different ways to get active? Come discover how much fun an obstacle course, bowling, and boot camp at Hutchison can be!

Cheer and Pom

Brush up on your dance moves in this upbeat cheer and pom clinic.


Needing a place to rest and rejuvenate for more festival fun? Come practice your down dog in these quick and fun yoga sessions.

R - Rock Robotics & Science Like a Star

Electric Butterflies

 Create a beautiful butterfly and then make it “fly” through the power of static electricity. 

Dissect a Worm!

Ever wanted to see inside the wiggly dirt dwellers? Come open one up and explore exactly what they are made of! (Alternatives will be provided for the squeamish.) 

Light it Up!

 Make a flashlight out of everyday objects and illuminate your world! 

Girl Scouts’ Make It Go

 Air can power our world, come make a transportation device that is powered by the air around us. 

O - Optimize Your Leadership Potential

Strong Girls Hall of Fame

Learn about strong women who blazed the path before us and analyze the character traits that made them successful. Recognize and celebrate your own traits that make you a Strong Girl! This activity is geared towards girls third grade and older.

Madam President

Practice public speaking behind a real podium with a real microphone! This is a perfect photo opportunity to capture our youngest Strong Girls using their voices to command an audience. This activity is for girls in first grade and younger. 

Leadership Challenge

Hone your leadership and teamwork skills by participating in group challenges. Team challenges are geared towards girls third grade and older.

Memphis Fire Department

Meet firefighters and learn about fire safety, prevention and careers in the exciting world of fire and emergency medical services. 

Egg Drop Teamwork Challenge

Work with a team and barter for supplies to create the safest case possible to protect an egg dropped from a second story balcony. This activity is geared towards girls third grade and older.

What Are Your True Colors?

Gain insight into your strengths and learning style by taking a short personality quiz. This activity is geared towards girls fifth grade and older.

N - Nurture Art and Beauty

Dance Workshops

Join us in the ballet studio for clinics in musical theatre, tap, modern and ballet dance forms. Meet professional dancers from Project:Motion Dance Collective and Collage Dance Collective.

Visual Art Demonstrations

Enjoy watching art being created by young women throughout campus. Still Life Drawing Demonstrations in the MS Art Studio will show a unique art making technique using life as inspiration. Girls will be amazed as they watch pottery created on wheels during the Pottery Wheel Demonstration. 

Visual Art Workshops

 Girls will get to apply their creativity and create works of art to bring home. Wire Sculpture making and Watercolor activities give our youngest artists opportunity to nurture their creative ideas. Each girl can create a collage or drawing to pin up in the ongoing community-built Strong GIRL Art Exhibit. 

Drum Circles

Show your love of music while participating a community drum circle. 

WREG-TV Anchor for a Day

Join young women filmmakers in the Film Studio and learn how to use a green screen and digital film cameras. 

Musical Instrument ‘Petting Zoo’

 Come to our Orchestra Studio and try your hand making music on a violin, cello or bass. Ever want to strum an electric guitar or sit behind a drum kit? Come join the fun! 

G- Generate Ideas Through Innovation

Girls Rock! Challenge: Towers

Try to build the tallest rock tower by applying your knowledge of balance and weight. See if you can earn bragging rights for creating the tallest one!

Girls Rock! Challenge: Bridges

It’s a Bridge Builder’s Paradise. Explore the properties of balance and weight while building bridges with interesting rocks.

Girls Rock! 901 Rocks

Come create your Strong Girl Rock. Design a strong girls message on one of your favorite colored rocks. 

Mystery Bags

What’s in your bag? Take a look at objects in a different way, brainstorm and see what you can create and take home. 

Recyclable Creations

Create your way into some fall fun. Join us in creating fall themed creations with engaging materials. 

Girl-led Marketplace

Come browse through a marketplace of products and services invented by girls, for girls. Learn what teams of budding entrepreneurs did to imagine and develop their products from the ground up and then participate in a consumer survey to give feedback.