G- Generate Ideas Through Innovation

Girls Rock! Challenge: Towers

Try to build the tallest rock tower by applying your knowledge of balance and weight. See if you can earn bragging rights for creating the tallest one!

Girls Rock! Challenge: Bridges

It’s a Bridge Builder’s Paradise. Explore the properties of balance and weight while building bridges with interesting rocks. 

Girls Rock! 901 Rocks

Come create your Strong Girl Rock. Design a strong girls message on one of your favorite colored rocks. 

Mystery Bags

What’s in your bag? Take a look at objects in a different way, brainstorm and see what you can create and take home. 

Recyclable Creations

Create your way into some fall fun. Join us in creating fall themed creations with engaging materials. 

Girl-led Marketplace

Come browse through a marketplace of products and services invented by girls, for girls. Learn what teams of budding entrepreneurs did to imagine and develop their products from the ground up and then participate in a consumer survey to give feedback.