Optimize Your Leadership Potential

Camp Congress

Want to one day run for elected office? Here’s a camp that will teach you how. Create  your own campaign with a platform, slogan, finance plan, website and a  political ad for television. Then take part in our mock election.

Strong Girls Hall of Fame

Learn about strong women who blazed the path before us and analyze  the character traits that made them successful. Recognize and celebrate  your own traits that make you a Strong Girl! This activity is geared  towards girls 3rd grade and older. 

Strong Girl Story Time

Everybody loves a good story time. Cozy up to hear stories about  strong girls. Then create a prop from a story for future retelling at  home. This activity is geared towards girls 2nd grade and younger.  

Leadership Challenge

Hone your leadership and teamwork skills by participating in  group challenges. Team challenges are geared towards girls third grade  and older.

Egg Drop Teamwork Challenge

Work with a team and barter for supplies to create the safest case  possible to protect an egg dropped from a second story balcony. This  activity is geared towards girls third grade and older. 

What Are Your True Colors?

Gain insight into your strengths and learning style by taking a  short personality quiz. This activity is geared towards girls fifth  grade and older. 

Madam President

Practice public speaking behind a real podium with a real  microphone! This is a perfect photo opportunity to capture our youngest  Strong Girls using their voices to command an audience. This activity is  for girls in first grade and younger.